Friday, July 06, 2012

We've been away

An invitation to a family gathering that cannot be missed. There were several anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate at a community hall to accommodate every body. It was an opportunity to meet all of them in one place. We went by car to take some items away from the boat that were no longer needed or had been replaced. We had printed our own tickets to get back by train. Enterprise let us leave the car down south. “Oh how they all rush about!” The time spent with the family was almost like a holiday when we did completely different things.

The train taking us back to Banbury was packed and there is never enough space for all that luggage! Even the disabled space was filled and was cleared when the inspector came, only to be filled again at the next station! So many people standing that the refreshment trolley could not get through. Moving people about during the Olympics is going to be difficult.

We are getting back to a boating routine by moving, yes moving, up to turn round and returning through Banbury. While getting Gas at Sovereign I mentioned our diesel problems with water and the bug. They asked if we had let our tank get too low. “No, I got 80 litres here last time”. They also recommend using Marine 16 to kill the bug and have it for sale. We carried on down to the Tramway moorings where Tesco delivered goodies next day. We had run our stocks down before leaving so there was a lot to put away this time.
The river Cherwell is in the green here at this time
We moved on down the cut stopping first by that farm and then on past Aynho. Enjoying a sunny day before the forecasted deluge. Setting up the TV to watch the tennis in the afternoons.

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