Monday, August 06, 2012

A significant place ?

We moved on to Runnymede, through Romney and Old Windsor locks.  

For such a place the National Trust that own the site have not provided excellent moorings. We squeezed in between the trees with the stern out of the shallows. I had to get the shears out to cut back the undergrowth. So where is this great place of such significance. Cross that busy road and that field.
The Magna Carter memorial was built in 1957. It was back in 1215 that King John was obliged to sign the Charter that marked the foundations of civil liberty and has formed constitutions of many countries including the USA. The place in fact is not as significant as the meaning of the words in the Charter.
Not far from the memorial is another to John F. Kennedy, president of the USA between 1961 & 1963. We went through the gate and walked in an acre of land given to America by the Queen.
This sign by an Oak tree says it all.

As a child I was always told that King John signed the Magna Carter 'at the bottom' !

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