Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now we go this Wey

At Weybridge we stayed on moorings not far from the town. We found the shops and stocked up with some provisions.
Just across the water a sign points to the Wey and informs us that the river Navigation belongs to the National Trust. Our right to navigate requires payment of £102 for a maximum of 21 days.

Once paid and through Thames lock Carol n George led the way through the next three locks. The locks are all wide enough for both boats and operated by ourselves. Back to normal for us after nearly a month on the Thames where the keepers did the operation. The Way Navigation is lined with trees that keep us cool on our journey.
We now have a special windlass with a long handle and smaller square to fit the sluce gear.
We are not required to shut the gates as we leave whichever way we go.

Three hours after setting off from Weybridge we arrived at Pyrford moorings opposite the marina by the Anchor and stayed over the weekend. Brod came up to see us on the Sunday and we had drinks and a meal at the pub.
Later a walk up stream setting a target to find the Abbey, but it was so hot we gave up at the pylons. “It was never, it seemed, ‘just round the next bend’!”

Next day Tesco delivered goodies to both boats just after 9. Once the stock was sorted we moved up the lock for water.
Papercourt Lock
Both boats then continued up some more locks to arrive at Send where wonderful quiet moorings by the high footbridge were found. They are such a contrast from that busy pub.
On the way we found that the Abbey was round the next bend by Newark lock!

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