Friday, April 11, 2014

Eulogy by a Great Grandson

Jeanne Brodnax Moore, better known to me as Granny Jeanne.

She was a caring, loving person who lived a full and interesting long life.

We were extremely lucky to have her for such a long time.

She always listened to what I had to say and encouraged me in everything I did. She especially loved the fact that both Ben and I were creative and always had pens and paper ready for our next masterpiece!

She loved to go on small day trips and short breaks with us; going to Longdown dairy farm to see Billy the shire horse and all the other animals; visiting Boomer the kangaroo in Weymouth and enjoying the train ride round Paultons park.

I also remember getting excited when we drove into the drive of number 2 to visit her in Winchester. Granny Jeanne always had her own particular way of doing things, one of which was having a bowl of sugar cubes ready for afternoon tea. They proved too irresistible and found their way secretly to my mouth on many occasions.

I will always love Granny Jeanne and remember her with a smile. Sweet dreams our lovely Granny Jeanne.

Josh Moore

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