Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunshine garden

Both Ann and I are now able to enjoy a bit of gardening while the sun is shining.
I know it is early days but the is potential there.  Ann has her Native Cowslips and I have my Roses.

We were even able to go for a short walk together with Molly just round the local woodland.

Ann has started to do a bit of cooking again but when we came to dish it up it was a bit cool. Our old electric oven had gone faulty!  Never mind, it all got heated up on the gas hob.  Chris came by and took the cooker to the dump.  It was in a bit of a state anyway after mistreatment by various previous tenants!

Next day Ann had planned a pizza with our own choice of topping.  Suddenly realising that it needs the oven to heat up I suggested asking our friends next door.  They obliged us by allowing our use of their oven.  That is what friends and neighbours are for.

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Carol said...

Happy birthday Ann! Enjoy it!