Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Our boating plans

I just hope that these plans come true.  Reading the other blogs our friends write only remind me how I miss that way of life so.

We plan to get back up to Cropredy Marina on May the 12 th.  Traveling north on the Oxford and return home from Cropredy on May the 21 st.

We are to look after our grand children's animals while they are away on holiday.

Our next window of opportunity will be June the 2 nd.  Once again we move north and head on down to Bugbrooke where we are to get the boat painted some time in July.  The boat will be staying at Heyford Fields Marina for a while.

We need to get back home for Ann's next checkup at the end of June.  During July we probably will be driving up to see the painting in progress.

The Cropredy festival is in August so we will not return the boat till after that event.

Life on land is just not the same, being in one place and 'available' means that we get committed to do other things!  Just hope that while we are on the boat we get to meet some of our boating friends.  Please pencil those dates in your diary's!

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