Saturday, May 16, 2015

The summit pound

This ten-mile pound we are on is the canal between the top of Claydon locks and the top of Napton locks at Marston Doles. It needs dredging for most of its length. There are many bends in it, often with bridges at the bends! We could only achieve about 2 or 3 miles an hour. Any faster made the boat sticks to the bottom and goes strait on at the bends!

We stopped for a tea break at Fenny Compton Wharf. The Wharf Inn has a shop for essential provisions. We got coffee, tea, beans and marmalade there so it was well worth the visit.

We continued to Marston Doles where Windsong came round the corner. Roger and Pip helped us when we were on the river Nene many years ago now. We just exchanged greetings as we passed.

We continued down two locks and stopped near the engine arm but there is no phone signal here. Thankfully the TV was perfect. We have a limited time on board and at breakfast we decided to turn round. We would have turned down at Napton next day but that would have been a waste of water. Just could not face up to all those locks this time.
We are on board to enjoy the countryside not to cover miles and miles. Many fields are bright yellow with the Rapeseed. Other fields have sheep and new borne lambs. We got about half way back and stopped at Knotts Bridge 130. There is a tall radio mast and the High Speed rail link is planned to pass over the canal here.

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