Saturday, April 23, 2016

Out and about

At last we got away from the marina!  Pulled out those roots, ie the land line or umbilical chord was cut!  Up the Claydon locks as many boats were on the way down.  Almost one up and one down all the way.  And it was sunny that morning.  We stopped at the top, moored on the rings went inside and then it rained!

Central heating on as it got a bit cool outside.  Found it necessary to run the engine for an hour to 8 pm to keep our three batteries topped up.  Just getting to know our limitations where power is concerned.  As I said on previous blog boats are designed for purpose.  This one is not for living on full time, just short holidays.

Next day Ian and Alison walked by with their dogs Bosun and Kalub.  They are happy walking the tow path rather than delivering diesel for which I thanked them for their past service.

We then moved on, stopping at Fenny for chandlery items before continuing on to Stoneton.  Needed pins here.  "Oh where did we put our pins?".  We have a box of cruising things like windies and a hammer but no pins!  Good job the boat came with some well used items.
A mooring at Stoneton on the summit pound.


Geoff and Mags said...

Looking forward to seeing you both very soon!

Chas and Ann said...

Hi you two. We just got over the hill and stopped at Napton. Hope to see you and Sue n Vic just north of Braunston this week. Chas n Ann