Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer Season

We arrived back on board last Tuesday and only now found the time to do a blog! We are chasing our dream again after several years away.

Unpacked the car and used two trollies several times to get it all on Moore to Life. Everything needed for our summer season and more equipment to install. Bed made up and clothes put away.

The batteries needed some tlc after being idle for over a month. They were OK the last visit in February. A few cells were thirsty so after topping them up they went on charge from the land line for an hour. After that I got the engine going for another hour. Pleased that the engine powered up first kick. Not been used since arriving at Cropredy marina in December!

I then got busy in the engine bay pumping out the rain water. Apparently cruiser sterns are prone to have wet bilges. But then I discovered the chlorifier pressure relief valve was dripping! Gave it a few turn clicks and kept my fingers crossed.

Ann got busy changing all the curtains with my help cleaning all the runners. Now got our summer set hung. It amaised us to find that the end pieces were glued on! Presumably to prevent the hire customers pinching curtains?
Then we set about putting more stuff away and getting a Tesco order. Definitely need more storage space! Boats are built to purpose so when you change from hire to live aboard many facilities need changing!

A walk round Cropredy village discovered that while the Red Lion remains closed a Post Office now operates in the Chapel. But only open on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning.

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