Saturday, May 21, 2016

Down to Braunston

As we passed Del n Al we took pictures of each other!  We were all pleased with each other to be back on the waterways.

We moved on through the bent Braunston tunnel, following a slow coach to the locks and hoping to get help on the way down. The skipper of the boat was a single hander but quite agile. Several boats were on the way up with help from a volunteer. Then near the bottom another volunteer lent a hand.

Found a space to more by Butcher's bridge as Braunston filled up during the day. Getting TV is a bit of a lottery and our reception was touch and go. At least the phones were better than they were at Crick.

We decided next day to get the bus into Daventry. Number 12 it is and you get it up at the church. Luckily we were able to catch the 9:40. A completely different route now. It does not pass the entrance to the marina. To return you get the Number 12 every 2 hours at 10 past 12. Enough time to walk round the shops.

We decided to move on out to use the facilities on the way. No luck at the Elsan as it was blocked. CRT tend to blame the boaters! Luckily we were not desperate and went on to Bridge 99 where TV reception and internet was excellent.

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