Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Up on the summit

Moving on down the South Oxford proved to be an obstacle course at bridge 107! The canal has a double bend to get under the straight road. Unbelievably a boater had moored on one of the blind bends! Room only for one boat to pass and of course another boat came round the bend. Toot, toot and instant reverse. We never hit and a lady popped her head out of the side door and just smiled! I had to ignore her, otherwise I would have said something nasty! As we continued under the bridge several other boats were traveling through so we warned them about the obstruction.

Going up the Napton flight the next day was enjoyable during the sunny day with several boats going up n down. We stopped at the mast eventually. You know, it is in front of you as you get on the summit at Marston Doles. It is not that far away but the canal twists and turns so much that it take ages to get there! At least our TV reception was perfect there.

Next day we stopped for water at The Wharf Inn. They have a small shop for provisions and a laundry worth stopping for.
Now we are waiting outside Fenny Compton marina for a minor refit. Having lived on the boat now for 35 days we need more cupboards and shelves and a cross bed.

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