Monday, February 20, 2017

Formula - E

Last Saturday on Channel 5 at 6:30 pm I watched racing with electric cars in Argentina.  For me it was just as exciting as F 1 racing if a bit quieter!

Each driver had two fully charged cars to race for about 50 minutes on a 37 lap street circuit.  The first car did about 20 laps before the batteries got down to about a 4% charge.  Then the driver went into the pit to swap cars.  At this time most drivers were doing the same.  Obviously the leaders had used more power and were swapping earlier.  No tyres were changed, unless punctured during the race.

The second car had to do the other 17 laps without running out of power!  The leaders had got down to about 1% as they crossed the finish line.  The unlucky ones just slowed down and stopped before finishing!  Sam Bird won.

Each car is rated at about 250 Horse Power equivalent to 190 kW and capable of reaching 200 MPH.  The battery capacity is about 54 kW hours.

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