Friday, February 24, 2017

HMS Warrior

We took the boys to see the Warrior in Portsmouth.  Despite the windy day the Gosport ferry got us across the harbour.  The day before a wartime bomb had been dredged up in the harbour and blown up safely out at sea.

The Warrior was a deterrent and never fired a shot in anger.  That ship was the most advanced of its day back in the 1860's.   The harbour is being dredged to enable the latest deterrent to arrive.  One of the biggest aircraft carrier ever built.

After a lunch of fish n chips we got on board and went below decks where Ben became a 'Powder Monkey'.


Carol said...

Good to hear from you Charles, best wishes to you both. xx

Chas and Ann said...

We do keep in touch by reading the boater blogs but not always leaving a comment. Just getting through that tunnel called winter!