Thursday, February 10, 2005

Annual Easter race (1999)

Easter came early this year at the start of April and we were back on our boats again. Departed on Friday morning. Both boats going east this time. We were joined by a third boat when we got to Monkey Marsh Lock. The lock is large enough for us all. Stopped later at Midgham. The Easter canoe race sets off from Devizes heading all the way to Westminster on the Thames. The first canoe with two on board were about to pass us. We watched as they got out to carry the canoe past the lock.

Next day we cooked porridge on the fire which Ann had fed with coal earlier. As we ate it more canoes passed by. Our cat is enjoying the view from the window. Apart from seeing the canoes go by she watched a pair of ducks being fed with bread. Then Ann took Tara out for a walk with harness and lead. ‘An unusual sight’ as many passing walkers have said. It’s Sunday and there are many boats out and about.

We continue our journey east to Woolhampton Lock and swing bridge. Here you are advised to open the bridge before leaving the lock. The river once again joining the canal and at this time of year it takes your boat along with it. Both our boats bumped the bridge on the way past. Fast reverse to stop and pick up crew after they shut the bridge. Arrived at Aldermaston and turned below Padworth Lock. Then back up to moor at Reading Marine Wharf. Quite a lot of people walking by and looking in at us.

Easter Monday gives us a long weekend on our boats. We find time to chat with Bob and Jane on Hobo who keep their boat there. Terry & Myra join us on Nomad as they leave their boat at the yard for some work to be done on it. With all four back on board it was like before. Two crew and two skippers? We agreed to take turns between locks! Lunch stop half way, then back to Ham Manor Basin and home.

Canoe race

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