Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Paddington Arm

Left Cowley after taking on water and using the facilities. A skip was used to dispose of much unwanted material created during the re-fitting of two boats. A morning trip on a cold bright day got us to Bulls Bridge Junction. Passing many residential boats, floating sheds and caravans on the way. An industrial landscape with rubbish strewn all over the place. Had to stop once to clear the prop of a plastic bag.


After shopping at the surprisingly large Tesco Extra we turned left into the Paddington Arm. This canal goes east across London north of the Thames. It is quite rural and after an hour we decide to stop. It was a bit shallow on the tow path side and a passing boater told us it was better on the other side. Another boat was there and the green field proved to be an exciting place for Molly. There was much screeching in the trees and Ann saw at least six large green birds. They may have been small parrots.

Bulls Bridge

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Sue said...

And thanks to you both for taking OUR rubbish south with you to leave us an uncluttered boat for our visitors.