Saturday, February 19, 2005

Paddington Basin

Left the green mooring and travelled east into the middle of London. 11 miles and no locks. The concrete jungle growing as we progressed. The first few miles were quite rural but then passed old and new industry. At Little Venice the canal opens up into a wide space where the Regents canal continues east from Little Venice to Limehouse on the Thames. There are many house boats, trip boats, narrow boats and floating restaurants at Little Venice and nowhere to stop. Bright shiny and clean in the winter sunshine.

Little Venice

We turned right, down to the newly opened Paddington Basin where we were told of good safe moorings. Found ourselves surrounded by tall steel and glass buildings and the wind seemed to concentrate and rocks the boat. The wooden pontoons provided a secure mooring but there is no grass for Molly! Several trees though, grown in pots below the surface.

At night all the lights came on and the foot bridges were illuminated under foot. The pontoons had lights shining up from below. If only we could have plugged into just one of them. 60 Watts is all we need for the lights and TV!

Paddington Basin

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