Saturday, June 25, 2005

Holiday Traffic

The canals were not built for fast motorised boats and is suffering from wash damage. Some holiday makers are showing a lack of respect these days. "We are on holiday so must drink as much as possible and get as far as possible". They seem to rush along even when passing moored boats. Presumably have not experienced mooring pins being pulled out or had their boat lurch backwards and forwards when a fast boat passes them.


Gt. Haywood Junction

Having got our order back at Tamworth we are now heading north again. Each year requires a general plan to explore favourite canals and discover new ones. We want to get through Stoke on Trent to turn off on to the Caldon Canal. Many boaters have encouraged us to go see it. It is only 15 miles long to Froghall but there are 17 locks. The summit being 484 feet above sea level.

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