Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Josiah Wedgwood Experience

We moored by bridge 104 on the Trent & Mersey and walked to the Visitor Centre and factory complex near Barlaston. When we left we had learnt and seen a lot about making artistic pottery. Back in the 1930's the old factory at Stoke on Trent was being undermined by the coal industry and eventually flooded by the canal. This new factory started production in 1940. We watched as girls applied white relief to blue jugs, automatic robot arms sticking handles to mugs and lumps of clay being transformed into plates by machine.


Josiah was apprenticed to a potter and he became an outstanding scientist, artist and engineer. He invented many revolutionary processes. One was to accurately measure the very high temperatures in the ovens. After many experiments he created green glaze. His creamware was later called Queen's Ware after he sold a full service to Catherine 11 of Russia in 1773. He also encouraged the building of canals which he used to great advantage.

Josiah Wedgwood


Sue said...
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Sue said...

Looks like you had a great time there! I remember going there back in the 70s, there were no moorings, just had to get into the bank as best you could. I bought a Peter Pan plate decorated for a child with 1975 printed on it also.... so that was the year I was there.. it was also a keepsake for one of my daughters.. her birthdate.

You will be overly interested in the start of the Caldon Canal.. they still have small potteries alongside the canal, you will spot them as you pass, but a far cry from the huge factory that Wedgewood have..

Take care and have fun.. don't forget that low bidge number 5... or was it 4? Uh Oh... best you take the chimney down after doing the staircase! xx