Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Caldon Canal

Turned sharp right onto the Caldon Canal at Etruria. This canal was built in 1779 to bring limestone and coal down to the potteries. It climes up through 9 locks to reach 484 ft. above sea level at Stockton Brook. At Hazelhurst it goes down through 8 locks for 6 miles to reach Froghall. The navigable canal is now 15 ½ miles but a further 15 miles to Uttoxeter was replaced by a railway in 1845. A branch joins the canal at Hazelhurst and continues at the same level to Leek where it picks up water from the Rudyard reservoir. The entire canal became un navigable by the early 1960's. Two new road bridges were build so low as to force us to stop and remove every thing off the roof again. Another new bridge further on had been built with sufficient clearance, presumably since the canal was reopened.

Etruria Locks

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