Monday, July 25, 2005

The Macclesfield

It was back in 2002 that we first came up this canal and we had forgotten how pretty it was. The Cheshire country side is all hills and valleys. Providing grand views as the canal crosses a valley. The bridges are all made of large blocks of stone as are the 12 locks at Bosley. Much of the canal is lined with trees. Having got up the locks we are now 518 feet above sea level. We passed the old Hovis mill at Macclesfield and got to Fourlane Ends.

Here we met a couple who live on their boat and had got in touch through the internet. "Now I know you are not supposed to meet people on the internet but Mike & Liz are OK". They have a boat called 'Snecklifter' and two dogs. One is a Jack Russell called Molly! The two Mollies got on so well together that they both disappeared in to 'Snecklifter'. We were given a cup of tea and later went to the local pub. It is great when you meet such friendly boaters. By the weekend we had moved on a few miles to Higher Pointon. A marina and a mile of moored boats line the canal. We stay here for a quiet but damp weekend.

Clarence Mill

Clarence Mill.

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