Sunday, July 10, 2005


Down at Consall Forge we are on the river Churnet between two locks. Now out of touch as the phones, TV and radio, except Classic FM which has never let us down, could not find a signal. We are surrounded by trees in this lovely valley.

Consall Station

The canal turned into a one way street past the station which overhangs the water. Ann walks ahead with Molly to warn me of on coming boats. It is just possible to pass if the trees and bushes are not too thick. Down the lock and eventually reach Froghall moorings and turn.

Froghall Tunnel

Just round the corner a very low tunnel prevents most boats reaching the brand new facilities and empty basin. We asked about local shops but there are none. So we have discovered this canal. It proved to be quiet and peaceful and we had come prepared with a full fridge and well stocked up with food. Thankfully our tank of diesel is nowhere near empty but one bottle of gas is!

Froghall Basin


les said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip, iam so jealous. Your pic of the station overhanging the canal interests me as i do love the old steam trains. This will be one part of the system i will spend time exploring. But have you seen in your picture what i think looks like a kingfisher sitting on a post at bottom of the shot.
Also the view along the station platform is that the navigation, it looks so narrow.
As i live in luton i am hoping to arrange a meeting with sue&vic on no problem when they arrive.Safe cruising to you both.

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks for your interest Les. That bird is my brass tiller pin!! Yes that section was a narrow, almost one way, street. The vegitation does not help. Chas

Ian C. said...

Hi Folks,

I was at the official opening of Froghall Lock 1 and Basin on July 23rd. Despite the low tunnel, the canal bank was lined with boats. I have some pictures online at
Sorry about the adverts. If I get good enough at this stuff, I'll move it to somewhere better.

Ian C.