Saturday, June 04, 2005

Stone turn round

Despite an early shower we set off for Stone a few miles and locks further north west. The rain had stopped when we saw a boat ahead stuck in the shallows. Suggested he reverse off but he did not go far enough and got stuck again. We tried to pull the boat back with a rope but in the end managed to pull the bow off sideways. Stone was full of long term moorings two years ago. Now there are visitor moorings above and below the locks so we were able to explore the towns shops. A boat yard however still fully occupies the mooring in the centre but it does have a good chandlery.

Yard Lock, Stone

We have decided to turn round here because an order placed at Tamworth needs to be collected soon. We had to go up 3 locks and a mile out of town to a new turning point further away than expected. Many smart new houses at the northern end of town and some good moorings past the boatyard and Stone Brewery. All 3 locks are at least 10 feet deep with a queue of boats waiting. It is Friday and the holiday boaters are in a hurry to return to base. Have not known a day like it. Started off in light drizzle, then hot sunshine, then a very heavy down pour followed by sunshine again. We put on our waterproofs but the holiday boaters remained in shorts and sandals! Eventually found a quiet spot 2 miles out of town having done 4 miles and 8 locks.

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