Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A week or so of events

We have moved back down to Braunston. The land slide by the entrance to the tunnel is still slipping down due to an underground stream and we nearly ran aground getting out of the tunnel. Hedge laying is making Braunston look tidy but the canal is now more exposed.
While visiting friends we discovered that a local group called ‘Braunston Pickle’ will be playing their music at ‘The Old Plough’ so we went up there one evening. Next day, being ‘Mother’s Day’ we returned for a meal out.
Ann went off by bus n train to visit Sue n Vic who were at Polesworth. She helped them up the locks to Atherstone before returning a few days later.
Needed some more diesel and decided to move down to Napton Junction to fill up in Wigrams Turn Marina. Stopped for a few days near Nimrod bridge and while it was sunny we walked across the fields to Calcutt locks and back along the canal. Molly was very good when walking through a field of sheep with their lambs.
A text message arrived on our phone. Sue n Vic had got to Hillmorton already. The Bistro is open for Sunday lunch and a table is booked. We set off early and did the 11 miles arriving just in time to meet our friends at the table. Been 5 months since last seen in Wales last year.
Serious Storms: Oh the March winds do blow, caused by a deep low of 28.5, normally 29 to a high of 31. The canal is looking more like the sea with breaking waves. The boat is securely tied to rings and we have removed various items from the roof in case they get blown off into the water.

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