Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yelvertoft, Northants

Birdie on the nuts

A half hour walk down the bridleway leads across fields past allotments, a field of horses, cricket and football pitches.

Turn left past a lovely cottage garden full of spring flowers.

Across the high street we see this fine example of an ancient village water pump a reminder of a different age. Some parts were removed during the 1st. world war but it has now been restored. The old wooden case is apparently original. Dates seen on a plate indicate that it was constructed AD MCM and restored AD MM. We think that MCM is 1900.

Nearby is the old school house dated 1792 with a bell on the roof and a sun dial on the wall. The building is now used as a reading room and community centre. The old blackboard and easel out side the door indicated that ‘Lent Lunches’ were being served.

The wide high street has rows of houses either side, one of which is occupied by a small shop and Post Office. Further on is the local butcher. Towards the end of the street stands the 16th. Century Manor House and church. So it seems that the structures of an old way of life still exists, left behind during the industrial revolution.


Heidi said...

Fantastic photos Ann and Chas, thanks very much. I came to your site via NO PROBLEM's page. I really enjoy reading about cruising on the canals. In about 8 weeks or so I will be to - my old school friend suggested that we do it when we come over to England (I live in Melbourne, not much in the way of canals here - or water come to think of it)

Chas & Ann said...

Thank you Heidi. As you will now see our Web site Moore 2 Life is undergoing a major up date.
Enjoy your holiday over here.
Chas n Ann