Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friends, family and Easter

We stayed in one place for a whole week with our friends Sue n Vic. Took our cat to the vet for a check up as she has an overactive thyroid which is being controlled by medication. The vet had seen her several months earlier and did a blood test to confirm the diagnosis.
I have been spending some time sorting our pictures on the computer and sending them to our web site. I suppose you can still call them photographs because they are a record of focused light in a camera. Such is the march of progress that our pictures are now digital and stored on a hard drive in a computer and displayed on an electronic screen. A printer can be used to produce a copy on card using coloured ink. Previously a chemical process was used to record and print the pictures. Sadly many of those prints have faded and lost their bright colours over the years. However the old black and white ones have lasted much longer and still have those recording family faces for over 100 years. Only time will prove the survival of the digital picture revolution.
Arrangements were made using the magic of the internet for a family visit and another of those Sunday lunches in the Bistro at Hillmorton. Brod drove mum up for an enjoyable day staying for tea and cake while Brod introduced me to the wonders of ‘Flickr’ and picture sharing on the internet.
Having received and sorted a Tesco delivery we moved on to Barby where we stayed for yet another week. Spent the time going for a few walks and continuing with the picture sort. Sunny days, windy days, wet days, and finally cold days followed by some snow was our view of the outside world while keeping warm with our diesel fire inside the boat.

Thankfully ‘Gosty Hill’ stopped to fill our tank again this time charging 68p a litre; such is the variability of oil prices these days. As Easter approaches more boats are on the move rushing about causing waves that rock the boat and damage the canal banks, much of the canal becoming wider and shallower causing some boats to run aground.

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