Friday, April 04, 2008

Time for maintenance

Some jobs in life need doing to protect an investment but require incentive, ability and a round ‘Tuit’, whatever that is. “Must have found all three because paint has been applied to the boat”. A bright sunny calm day and a hard edge with cut grass was essential to make the work possible. A few days later we moved on to turn at Napton Junction and found similar conditions to paint the other side. Sue n Vic on No Problem were doing the same. While the work was being carried out a boat came by with a friendly ‘toot’ and stopped. It was Maffi on Milly M. A boater never seen before, but well known on the internet among the boating bloggers. He stayed a few days so once again there were several bloggers having a meeting. Eventually we all parted as we headed to Braunston to be taken out of the water for ‘blacking’ and a safety survey. “Yes our boat is already four years old and is due for another certificate”.

Had to make sure that nothing can fall over inside when the boat is pulled up out of the water. It will be out of the water for a few days so we checked that we had enough water in the tank. Cannot run the engine so will use the land line for mains power. This will keep the batteries charged and heat water. Must remember not to let water out of the sink, bath or basin. “Don’t want our painter to get wet!”. Justin pressure washed the sides, applied two coats of ‘black’ to the lower sides and after 2 nights we were back in the water.
While on dry land Hadar went by going up the hill. Then our friends from back home came to visit with their campavan moored in the marina. Jo n Keith had stopped half way up the flight and walked back down to see us. Our social life continues despite the maintenance. Nice to see them all.
I had removed the weed hatch lid and cleaned out the box. Replacing the rubber seal is an important part of keeping the boat afloat. The Boat Safety man made his inspection and gave us a new certificate. The only problem was low gas pressure. No wonder our gas bottles lasted so long! Another job for Justin to sort out then we will be able to burn toast faster.

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