Sunday, April 20, 2008

The longest day

We joined Sue n Vic at the top of the Rothersthorp locks which take the canal down to Northampton and stayed the night. Woke early in the morning only to find that all the water had been drained between the locks. A lazy boater had failed to close the gates or paddles the night before. An hour later than planned we were on our way thanks to the BW men coming to help. Our thanks to Paul who also came to help both us and No Problem down the locks. 17 locks in 5 miles got both boats down to the city by early afternoon in time for shopping at Morrisons, passing under the ugliest M1 motorway bridge ever seen. The lower half of the canal is quite rural with the River Nene along side. Then as we approached the outskirts of that city it got rough with rubbish and ‘poisoned dwarfs’ chucking stuff in the canal. “Do not need their aggravation”. Health and safety is ignored as they jump around the empty lock. Carrying on down on to the river we passed under a low bridge to moor near the walk bridge. We have decided to pack away our ‘biminy’ for the summer as there are too many low bridges over the rivers.

Progressed on through a few more locks to the open and exposed River Nene heading East against that cold wind in our faces, finally finding a safe haven at Weston Favel opposite the washlands.
But not before Sue n Vic pulled us off the mud when that wind had blown the boat away from the pontoon!

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