Monday, April 14, 2008

Moving on is better ?

Sue n Vic joined us to go up the double locks at Braunston. Waited for one boat to come out of the lock as more boats queued up behind us. Once in the lock we saw that yet another single boat was waiting to come down. “What an unsociable attitude and waist of water.” At least 4 other boats came down the next lock, taking it from us twice before we could go up. All that water going down past the bottom lock without any boats going up. We would all enjoy ‘locking’ if only boaters would help each other. The uninitiated seem to be so independent. Oh well, once at the top we only met one boat half way through that tunnel which is still restricted by the land slide.
Moorings at Norton Jn. were limited and we were obliged to moor alongside No Problem for a while. Then we took a bus ride on the Daventry Dart. A bus full of ‘free riders’ with their new bus passes. The poor driver not getting a penny from us so just hope that the government is funding the bus company. Otherwise there will be less busses to catch.
Back on the boat we moved on down the Buckby flight of locks now open after a prolonged winter maintenance program. Stopped at the bottom and consumed Ann’s homemade vegetable soup with Sue n Vic joining us at the table. Later in the day we continued on to Nether Heyford and met up with Terry n Myra on Juno. Then we enjoyed a Sunday roast at ‘The Sun’ in Nether Heyford.

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Mo said...

Looks like you're eating well these days Chas. All we get is nettles.
And the occasional bottle of red, of course.

Get those Northampton Arm gates greased for us will you, we want a fast easy run down there when we chase you across to the Fens.

All the ebst

Mo and Vanessa