Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moving south

We got up and out from Foxton a few days after Balmaha left. Got through Bosworth tunnel with our Bimini folded down and continued on to Welford junction. Here the visitor moorings have a concrete edge, rings and dry grass. Lovely to also find shelter from the wind. Next day we moved on and passed this seriously broken bridge.

Why are we seeing more of this damage? Is it due to lack of maintenance or increased boat traffic? A testament to the strength of these old brick built bridges is that they are still standing after suffering such damage.

This mooring by Barn Bridge 27

Stopped by Skew bridge to get water and met Peter n Pat from Molly May II. They have been travelling the waterways longer than we have. First met at Braunston and happen to meet at least once a year somewhere on the system. We moved on to near Yelverton and stayed a few days waiting for post. A few birds have found our feeders hung in the bushes.

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