Saturday, February 02, 2008

Walk about and storms

Back up the Watford flight of locks we decided to explore as it was a sunny day. Ann got the electronic map out and created a ‘route march’ of 3 1/2 miles to Watford and back. Down to the locks on the tow path then across a muddy field, under the motorway, up round the church and back to the boat. Proved difficult to get ones ‘leg over’ some of those stiles!

Next day we moved on to Crick through that wet tunnel. “It is always raining in there”. Then we discovered that the marina was closed on Mondays. “Needed diesel you see”. Will just have to stay overnight on those empty reserved winter moorings. They are apparently controlled by Crick Marina and not British Waterways. By the way we now have our new Gold Licence having collected our post. Having got the tank filled for 56p a litre we moved on to be near Yelvertoft, passing another broken bridge. It seems that some marinas are just profiteering.

A walk to Yelvertoft found a small Post Office / Shop with plenty of local fruit n veg and just up the road an excellent butcher. The walk was along a well kept bridle way which connects Yelvertoft and Crick in a straight line crossing the canal twice and passing Crack Hill. That hill looks a bit unnatural and it turns out that it was created when the tunnel was dug out!

Then the storm came through. We had to go out in the morning to tie down our back cover which was flapping about in the high winds. Thankfully no damage was done. Back inside the boat we felt secure as the storm continued to rage outside. Had breakfast and by noon the storm had passed.

We had done a local search for Geocaches and found one near the tunnel. We cut across on that bridle way and actually located the box using our GPS map. The trip took a full hour and 20 minutes there and back. It was sunny but with a cold wind and we got back to the boat just before a snow storm. Next day we woke to find ice had formed on the canal.

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