Monday, February 18, 2008

Warm friends and cold ice

Mo n Vanessa suggested going off on a bus to town next morning at 10. A good day out in warm sunshine with our friends showing us around and enjoying a snack at ‘Joules’, a little cafe found down a narrow side street. After a fruitless search for printer ink we returned to the boats.

After a Tesco delivery both boats moved half way to Market Harborough stopping at a quiet place with a hard edge, dry tow path, a few trees and a hedge to hang the bird feeders on. Those last few days started cold with some ice on the cut which did not stop us moving. So took our boat down to Market Harborough to use the facilities. A few low bridges were squeezed under without having to lower the ‘bimini’. Looked for one of those caches, got bread n milk from a local shop and returned later to enjoy an evening on ‘Balmaha’.
Next day we left Mo n Vanessa to meet Terry n Myra at Foxton who arrived by car to stay on board for a few days. We got away from the still very public lock area to turn before the tunnel and stopped near Smeeton Westerby. Myra has kindly provided our first meal together which we enjoyed with a drop of wine. It became cold and frosty outside and the ice returned. After a breakfast of warm porridge we all went for a morning stroll returning to find the ice nearly gone. A few boats had passed by so we moved back to Foxton after lunch. The forecast was suggesting even colder evenings and we did not wish to be trapped away from the facilities. Just as well as the temperature dropped rapidly to – 7 over night.
We did not move at all next day and enjoyed a game of Mah-Jongg together. We joined the public to explore the recently cleared Inclined Plane and got refreshments at the cafe. The ice stayed all day and became cluttered with debris as the public kept throwing stones on to the ice. Even removing them from the very path they were walking on! “Must have been amused by the strange sound the ice makes when hit by large stones”. Just hope that British Waterways are taking their money at the ‘Foxton Locks’ pub and museum here to help maintain the attractions.

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