Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stuck in ice

Five days in one place and unable to move because the hire boats from Market Harborough are not going past us to break up the ice. The fog and frost making a blanket of white among the trees and grass. Just hoping the forecast of rising temperatures will arrive soon to remove the ice.

Diesel and water are becoming low. After 2 weeks we usually start looking to fill them up. Checked the tanks to find the water half full and the diesel half empty. “Or was that the other way round”? When the ice became soft after 2 days of above freezing temperatures we were able to move on to the facilities. Then on through the swing bridge to get diesel at Foxton Boat Services for 65p/litre. Then on to the visitor moorings where Les popped in for a cuppa and chat. The day before we had helped Mo n Vanessa up through the locks. They had broken ice to get out of Market Harborough.
Sheep in a cold and frosty field.

The last time we were at Foxton the site was under development. Now it has become a wonderful place full of interest and public amenities and is clearly popular.

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