Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cruising again

Back on board after that trip home we got into cruising mode and moved to Fotheringay and filled up with water. Stayed one night at the castle moorings where Mary, Queen of Scotland planted thistles and lost her head. The river has calmed down and we had a pleasant trip on down to Elton the next day. The mooring has a high bank to climb out on and some cows for company. There seems to be more narrowboats about on the river but certainly far less than on the canals. One boat called Scarweather stopped nearby. Been looking out for it as the owners are known to Ann’s cousin. Ann helped with their ropes and we were invited on board for the evening.
A few days later our next stop was at Wansford. As we approached the bank we saw a train cross the bridge ahead of the mooring. The Nene Valley Railway runs to Peterborough from here. A different sort of rail trip in wide coaches made in Denmark pulled by a steam engine. We got on board and got off at Peterborough. There before us was that Hover Train prototype. Built back in the 1970’s and designed to ‘float’ on a special track. It had no wheels and used magnetic linear motors which lifted the train and pushed it, friction less, at high speed. I remember seeing demonstrations of the principle on ‘Tomorrows World’.

Back to the real word we walked down the high street to find refreshments and the market where we stocked up with vegetables and meat from the local farmers. Returned to the boat by steam power to enjoy a BBQ outside as it was warm n dry and less windy than the day before.

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