Saturday, May 03, 2008

Moorings and post

Continuing our journey with Sue n Vic we passed through a couple of locks and down the Nene to Little Irchester. Here we stopped for water while the girls went off to stock up with bread n milk etc. As we approached those ‘new’ moorings the boat ground to a stop on something underneath! The old Victorian mill of Whitworths is still making bread here bit is quite noisy so not a place to stay overnight. Three more locks passing many manmade lakes and old gravel pits get us to Rushden & Diamonds football ground at Irthingborough. Thankfully playing away this Saturday. E A have provided boaters with a long stretch of mooring where at least 6 narrowboats can stay for 48 hours. Just enough room for us as 4 were already there. Dot came out from ‘Gypsy Rover’ to catch our rope. We stayed only to use the facilities and get a midday sandwich before continuing to Denford, a lovely mooring with a field for the dogs. We all walked the mile to Ringstead to pick up some post. This PO mistress being so helpful and remembering Sue n Vic and Lucy collecting post 2 years ago.
Our post has been returned from that man at Cogenhoe. Our next stop is at Thrapston so we rang that PO to ask if he would keep our post. “You have to come and see me first” was his reply. Called Post Office Counters to complain about our postal problems and got them to tell Thrapston to hold on to our post. ‘Poste Restante’ and ‘To be called for’ is a service that the PO provide but it seems that some PO masters do not cooperate. After a few anxious days we eventually collected our post a full two weeks after it had been originally sent.
We had moored at the ‘new’ moorings near Islip Mill. Room for 3 boats and occupied by 2. We squeezed in with No Problem along side. By the time we left 7 boats were tied 3 abreast. The river is getting popular.

The river has been high after several days of rain and one boater reversed back to the mooring, unable to get under the next low bridge. So before we left we removed our satellite dish and other tall objects from the roof. The level had gone down a bit and we just got under those bridges.

The next lock at Titchmarsh Mill was overflowing so much so that the boats were in danger of being pushed out before the guillotine had been fully raised. Only the two ropes tied to the back bollard preventing disaster as we went down. All aboard and let go to drift out with the flow.

The journey to Wadenhoe was calm and peaceful after that excitement and we stopped below the church for the weekend. The stone and thatched cottages here are well kept by a trust arrangement.

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