Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A summer’s day

Travelling by boat with all mod cons means that you can be where you like without the road stress. Especially when everybody is out and about on a bank holiday! If the sun is hot and there is a cool breeze you can sit outside like it’s your own garden by the banks of a river or canal. At Wadenhoe the car park is full at the local pub and many have gone off in boats. We sat in the garden between pub and river enjoying an expensive burger bun washed down with strong drink. A few trees providing welcome shade.

Next day we moved the boats up and were obliged to tie up alongside a boat hogging the water point. When we connected our pipe to the tap the boat owner inconsiderately puffed blue smoke towards us as he started his engine! Once both our tanks were filled we moved to the bank and waited for the Tesco delivery. The rest of the day was spent cruising down river through four locks and five miles to Ashdon.. Had fun and games getting in and out of Oundel Marina for diesel, gas and facilities on the way.

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