Friday, January 16, 2009

A certain loss of freedom

We were unable to move out of Great Haywood Marina due to the thick ice and are feeling unhappy because we do not see birds in hedges and cannot hang up the feeders.  All we see are the sides of boats either side.  But we are getting to know a few boaters along out pontoon, like neighbours down the street.  One kind couple has taken Ann and Molly to the vet at Rugeley.  Now Molly is protected against Kennel Cough so we can meet Lucy and Meg later.  We have not seen our friends on No Problem since October last year.  Unable to make short term plans till the ice has gone.

It was cosy in the Marina but there were few places to walk.  The land line saved running the engine and proved cheaper to charge the batteries and we were able to claim diesel use for heating only.  But it was costing about £8 a night to stay in.  One boater made a desperate attempt to escape by breaking up the 2 inch thick ice with his boat pole.  It took him several hours to get away.  We got away a few days later when the ice melted.

We got a free bus ride into Stafford to stock up during a mild sunny day.  Wandering around the concrete jungle was not fun but we eventually found a supermarket near the edge of town.  There were busses taking people here there and everywhere if only we knew where that was.  Managed to get back to our bus stop and consumed a hot sausage roll while waiting for the hourly service.

It was quite strange once we had got moving after the Christmas and New Year break heading up the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal.


Tony said...

Welcome to Stafford (as in "You're welcome to it...")

Kev said...

Thought we may have seen you in the marina at Gt Haywood, we arrived Monday 12th Jan, looked for your boat but couldn't see you, maybe some other time
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)