Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Haywood

The National Trust is cutting down a lot of trees between the railway and the canal.  Apparently many are unstable due to bank erosion.  Their plan is to plant reed beds which will protect the bank from further erosion and provide habitat for nesting birds.

British Waterways are also cutting down trees but on the tow path side.  Many of the local boaters are chopping it up to burn on their fires.  Good for them during this cold winter.  The problem is that it is too ‘green’ to burn.  We think some of it is Elder.  The wood is quite red when first cut. 
The river Trent, not far away, is flowing quite fast but not into its flood plain.  James Brindley was appointed engineer in 1877 and had a ‘flood’ ditch lined with brick or stone built beside the canal.  This would prevent the Trent flooding into the canal, but the ditch has been filled in! 

Here are some views of this small but useful village. 

The Post Office

The Pub

The Shops

No Problem and its crew are heading this way so we walked down to Colwich Lock to help them through.  

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