Friday, January 30, 2009

I wish I could just.....!

Look out of the window and enjoy the view without a care.  But there is always something else to do.
Ann took Tara the cat to the vet in Rugeley.  Not by bus because there isn’t one but asked Dave on a boat called Thea we knew in the Marina.  Another helpful boater had taken Ann when Molly had to be taken to the vet.  Unfortunately the vet was unable to take a blood sample so we just got some pills to keep Tara going.  She has a thyroid problem. 
We spent a few days helping our friends with their ‘wooding’.  It is all chopped up and stored on their boat No Problem.  There is so much about here because British Waterways are cutting trees down. 
We have been in Great Haywood too long because I have been getting treatment for an infected cist.  “It was a nasty red lump on my back which after a few weeks is much better thanks to the excellent Nurses at the local Medical centre.”  Been going every day for treatment but now have a week off!  At last we can get away after getting Tesco to deliver the groceries.  Not too far because the Nurse wants to see me again.

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