Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Winter wonderland

We moved out to Tixel wide on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal.  It proved to be quite exposed and cold with that easterly wind.  So the next day we moved on up one lock to Milford.  Tim of Staffordshire Canopies came round to fit a number of brass items.  Drilling and tapping many holes for the stainless screws.  Now we have hooks to hold the back doors open, eyes to hang fenders and folding steps to get on the roof.  After that good mornings work we moved round the corner to gain shelter from the trees.

The expected snow grey clouds were fast approaching on that easterly wind.  But not much snow fell on us here, seems most of it went up the Thames valley.  Next day was sunny but the snow was hard and crunchy. 

We have of course hung out the bird feeders on the hedge and it was not long before we saw them gathering.  A tree stump served as a bird table on which we put bread and seed.  A robin arrived then black birds, various tits, chafinchs and a ’jenny’ wren. 


We have now returned to Great Haywood to stock up again.  More diesel from the marina and a walk to the shops.


Anonymous said...

Really nice snow pictures. I hope to retire too to the canals and hope you don't mind a couple questions. HOw long does a full tank of diesel last you doing an average crusing day?what size diesel tank do u have? also how long do you have to run the engine to charge batteries?, washing machine as i understand needs you to run the engine but i have read that u need to do something different regarding the water into it? if u have msn/skype please add dundustin

Chas & Ann said...

David, The boat has 200 litres diesel which would last about a month to empty! That includes heating. Batteries are charged up after 2 hours each day. Best to fill the washing machine with hot water after running the engine.