Monday, February 09, 2009

No Problem, ice

After a restless night we both got up late for breakfast and later watched Country File as we do most Sundays.  Then set off up the lock at Gailey, took on water and used the facilities.  After that it was not long before we turned a corner to see the two dogs, Lucy n Meg, on the tow path and Molly went mad with excitement.  There in front was of course was No Problem and no sooner tied up than we were invited on board for tea and a chat.
Next day we took off heading south through ice which was broken up by No Problem in front.  Arrived at Autherly Junction to find it blocked by all those hire boats.  Someone was attempting to move the boats to make just enough room to get by.  At least 4 boats moved through the lock while we were there, such is the number of boats on the move. We left Sue n Vic and continued on our way to Brewood now heading north on the Shropshire Union Canal.  An appointment to see a nurse had been made for the morning.  We walked to the Medical Centre to sign on then looked round the shops.

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dundustin said...

sounds an idyllic carefree life you guys are having. so envious as i sit in the office reading your blog.

6 more years till im on the canals :)