Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too and fro

While at Gnosall Ann got the bus & train back to Southampton to see the grand children over a long weekend which happened to be a half term holiday.  There was plenty of food in the fridge and I managed to do some cooking.  So I looked after myself and Molly and took her for walks twice a day while Ann was away.  Sue n Vic arrived and invited me to join them on board No Problem for their, now famous, Sunday roast.  Lovely.
Having seen the nurse again we have about a week to move away and back.  “Yes, Ann did come back to me !”  We followed No Problem up to Norbury where we all visited the local for a drink and chat.  Our friends had arranged to go home while their boat was being ‘blacked’ so we took them and dogs back to Gnosall to catch the bus. In order to turn our boat round we needed to head down to Wheaton Aston.  While there Ann took the bus and train to visit the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at Birmingham for the day.  Once again I had time on my own so after walking the dog of course, I set about updating information and publishing Chapter 13 of ‘Life With A Narrowboat’ on our web site Next day we took on water, turned and progressed back towards Gnosall.  We found Geof and Mags on Seyella at Little Onn so we stopped there.  They kindly invited us in for a drink and a chat.  After a quick lunch we started our annual spring clean.  Starting at the back we filled a black bag with stuff not used or wanted during the previous year.  Only got half way through when we flaked out and had a cup of tea.  “The bag was full anyway!” We keep on heading north with our friends but also have a commitment down south at Braunston to have our own boat blacked.  With ice forming and lasting so long this winter the boat needs that treatment every year now.  Soon we will have to turn round.  Hopefully family and friends from the south coast will then come up and visit us.

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Pip - nb Windsong said...

Hi both - What day did you go to the Show at the NEC, Ann? We were there on Thursday. Hope you are both well, look forward to maybe crossing paths in the summer as we will finally be on the water by then.
Pip & Roger