Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Family visit

We were at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes on the Grand Union when they came. Just about 2 hours on the road for them. What a marvellous place to explore between the park and the lakes. “Bring the boys bikes.” The cycle ways are so save away from the roads. We made a picnic and walked to Willen lakes.
There is an obstacle course made of rope and wires strung between several trees. Many children are able to safely climb, swing and jump while strapped to a safety harness. Josh was just tall enough to go on the junior route and we were so pleased that he managed to control his fear and get round without falling.
There was always an adult on hand to help and encourage progress.
After Josh had got back on the ground we found a seat without wasps and consumed our picnic. Then we found some funfair rides for Ben to enjoy. After that it was ice creams all round.
Next day the bikes were out again to explore the park in the morning. We enjoyed their company while they were with us but they had to leave after lunch to get home.

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