Friday, September 04, 2009

A walk of discovery

At the end of August when everybody is supposed to have a long weekend off it proved to be a bit cool in the mornings. If it is cloudy n damp we may consider warming the radiators. Our fire and chimney has been cleaned out and should now be ready for the winter months.
We went shopping at Water Eaton after Les on Valerie told us about the huge out of town shopping centre there. Plenty of people are crawling around looking and presumably spending some money just like we did.
After lunch we set off on a walk not really knowing where the path would take us. Milton Keynes does it so well, the paths go under roads and heads into open park land. We came across the river Ousel and a seat to relax and enjoy the view while Molly went in for a swim. Following the path took us to Caldecott Lake. We had gone round the back of the huge Tesco ware house and continued with faith that we should eventually get back to the canal. Going under a road with the river and there before us were the locks. Thankfully we got back to the boat before it rained.
Our flower garden has done well this year.

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