Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lock waiting

We set off two locks below Stoke Bruerne and found two boats about to go in the lock. So we tied up at the bollards and waited. The boats went up in the lock and waited for a boat coming down from the next lock before proceeding.
A single boat swapped places in the lock and waited. We were told they were waiting for another single boat coming down. “Fair enough, better to carry on down two at a time.” By the time the two boats had gone up, that single boat was joined by another to come down! So the single boat that we were waiting for eventually came down. Then at last it was our turn to go up but despite all that waiting, no other boat came up with us. That is the way it is, sometimes it just takes twice as long to get through locks.
Thankfully being September we were enjoying calm sunny weather as nature paused, waiting for autumn.


Simon said...

Hi There Just discovered your "book" and Blog and am playing catch up on your travels. really enjoying your writings and in some ways envy your freedom to travel through our beautiful countryside. Fascinated to read of your travels on the K & A having hired a boat from Aldermaston Marine & travelled to Devises and back last year.

Very much hope life is treating you well. Keep up the fascinating blogging. Will be dipping my "toe in the cut" more next year when I retire, am in the process of entering into shared ownership with a boat built by the wonderful Artie, Ruth & Angela (Carefree cruising) at Moss Bridge Cottage.

Have a wonderful Autumn.

Kindest Regards Simon

Del and Al said...

We must have passed at some point....sorry we missed you!