Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boater’s community

The ice is looking like soft mud. Various objects are slowly sinking through creating small holes. No boats have been allowed to move about in the marina so it is still solid ice. The wonderful community of boaters on the canal are about to move off in various directions. But not before Ann took the girls for a long walk with other dogs from Matilda Rose and Caxton.
It was some time last month that we booked in for some alterations and remedial work at the marina. Work was due to start on Monday but there is a delay due to the ice. They seem to want to put boats in and out of the water before starting on us. Now 3 men on a boat are now trying to move it but the part broken ice is still at least one inch thick! It is getting quite noisy inside with all the ice banging along the side. Now we see waves on the water again.

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