Friday, January 08, 2010


Many boaters are just keeping warm and safe in their boats during the unusually long spell of wintery weather. The temperature has been as low as minus 20 centigrade in some places and the canals have been frozen for nearly a month. There are many worse off than us with the usual supply boats stuck in the ice like the rest of us but life must go on.
After getting back to our boat we set about getting the systems up and running again. Electric on, radiators on, light fire, water on, gas on, kettle on. While drinking that welcoming cup of tea we kept our coats on because it was colder inside than out! I then walked to the shops in Great Haywood to get milk, bread and some vegetables. Then we placed an order to Tesco for a full stock up delivery later and the van arrived next day direct to boat despite the icy conditions. Porridge most mornings keeps us warm inside during the first few cool hours before the sun comes up.
The bus to and from Stafford is running OK so we met our friends there for lunch in Wetherspoons, the building being a grand old cinema. Walking about town was just as tricky as on the towpath. A boat called Rock n Roll is nearby and we invited George and Carol for a drink on board and we discussed the various challenges set before us.
Chapter 14 of our book ‘Life With a Narrowboat’ is now published and can be found at

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An English Shepherd said...

Sounds like you are keeping going well dispite the weather :-)