Friday, January 29, 2010

Never tempt providence

I should never have said ‘Some welding outside has successfully sealed the leak’! It rained enough next day to prove the statement wrong. Two steps forward and one back. If we were to dwell on the negative aspects of boating we could get depressed, but as it is there are far more positives to keep us motivated. It was all sorted later and we actually moved out with a full tank of diesel.
We had been in Great Haywood Marina since before Christmas so getting out was quite an event. Took on water at the junction and found a space for a few nights. Next day the patrol officer knocked on the boat asking when we are to move. “Only just got here” I said. “But you’ve been here since November according to my records” he said. “I’ve been stuck in ice in the marina since before Christmas” I explained. These patrol officers don’t check when you are not there, but to be fair they did not call while the boats were stuck in ice. There is at least one boat with an overstay notice and most boaters have now moved elsewhere.
Snowdrops in Great Haywood
So we have moved away, out to Tixel Wide moorings where we found a few other boats. On the way the wind kept pushing us onto a shallow edge so it took some effort to keep going. Then we had to find a gap in the trees to see the satellite TV signal.
While eating a late lunch we saw a Kingfisher catching his. ‘Now that made it all worthwhile.’


Nb Caxton said...

I saw my first snowdrops yesterday and quite a number of Kingfishers but they would pose for a photo! Glad all is now resolved, happy boating!

LES said...

That is a great Kingfisher pic.

Chas and Ann said...

Thank you both for your comments. Ann took several pics through the window while the Kingfisher just stayed there on the other side of the canal.