Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ice, snow and friends

While we were at Tixel the ice came and then it snowed. It is just a bit depressing when we lose our freedom to move about, not quite knowing when it will clear again. It is OK for a while so long as our water and diesel tanks have been topped up and we are within walking distance of the shops.
A few days later the ice cleared and No Problem arrived late in the day having come down Tixel lock and breaking some patchy ice on the way. By now we were all running out of supplies so placed an order with Tesco. It had warmed up by then and thankfully we were able to get to Great Haywood Junction in sunshine. We got water and loaded the supplies from Tesco which had arrived as arranged on the magic internet.
I was telling Vic about our problems with rain still getting past our sliding hatch. If the wind is in the ‘right’ direction it blows the rain along the slider and under the hatch. One solution may be to grind a gulley across the side to redirect the water. Vic kindly offered the use of his grinder and I cut the groves. Now waiting for rain and wind to prove the solution but next day all we got was more ice.

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