Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cheshire locks

Since leaving Harecastle tunnel we have gone down heartbreak hill heading for Middlewich. A total of 31 locks in only 12 miles taking three days to do it. Many of the locks were about 10 feet deep so the hill got us down about 300 feet. So far we have been very lucky to be able to keep going despite this prolonged winter. The days were usually warm dry n sunny when we moved. The water tap at Wheelock was not frozen so we topped up our tank there.
We woke up to another day with ice on the cut and grey skies. It proved hard to get ourselves going on down the hill through more locks to the bottom.
We noticed that another factory has turned to dust, Bisto gravy is no more next to British Salt. We got diesel at Kings Lock chandlery, a well stocked shop worth a look in. They allowed me to make my own declaration and charged 65 pence and £1.10 for a litre. Then we went down 3 more locks to the visitor moorings. Before falling asleep after all that effort we paid a visit to friends on a boat called Seyella. Thanks Geof and Mags for the chat, tea n cake. Then we crashed out after getting fish n chips from the shop not far from the canal.

Next day our good friends Sue n Vic on No Problem followed Seyella heading yet further north while we stayed to do some shopping.

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