Monday, February 15, 2010

We have moved!

Great Haywood had become our comfort zone having stayed in the area for so long. It was a place with everything we needed, water, diesel, walks and bus trips. We had got to know many of the boaters there.
It was warm and sunny when we moved north on the Trent n Mersey canal. There was some ice but it had been broken up by moving boats. We went through 3 locks and travelled 6 miles. The locks have bridges across them which saves having to walk all the way round. While the locks were relatively easy we had done enough by the end of our first journey of the year.
It is all very well having so much power stored in those new batteries. They gave us a whole day of use without having to run the engine. Now we have run out of hot water! While our fire is on there is always a kettle of hot water for use, it is just not on tap. While travelling with No Problem we share Sunday roasts together. In the afternoon we walked out round Burston and realised that it was still light at 5 o’clock. The local community are protesting about a possible wind farm being built in the area. If we do not invest in new power generators there will be a power shortage sooner or later.
It was only a short hop past a new marina at Aston near that lock with a mile post that indicates Shardlow 46 one way and Preston Brook 46 the other. Found moorings either side of bridge 90 and waited for Mr Tesco man to deliver our order. It duly arrived and got put away thankfully before it rained.

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Carol said...

Hi both, glad you're on the move again - happy travelling!